About The Honor Bound Initiative

Ohio State has broken its commitments to her donor community, both private and public, accepting their generous funding for one purpose and then using it for something else, hurting the students it purports to serve.

The Honor Bound Initiative’s mission is to serve as a watchdog to shine a spotlight on what Ohio State has done, and is doing, with the millions of dollars it receives from its supporters and how it has used donations for reasons that the donor did not approve.

With student debt at an all-time high of $1.4 trillion, the students of Ohio State University are the ones being MOST impacted by the siphoning of funds from these endowments – millions spent each year on wining and dining wealthy patrons.

Many hundreds of donors don’t know that Ohio State has been spending their endowment funds on cultivating relationships with other wealthy benefactors.

Simply put, our goal is to restore the original purpose of the donor program’s very existence: helping students – first, last, and always.

Renewing Our Promise.
Restoring Our Purpose.

The Honor Bound Initiative will shine a bright light on the administration of donations to The Ohio State University, highlighting instances of spending donor money that donors did not approve and exposing waste and abuse. It is only through absolute transparency and unwavering accountability that true and lasting change can occur.

It is our goal that no other donor enters into an endowment agreement with OSU without knowing how OSU really spends your endowment funds.

Ohio State’s Board of Trustees allows administrators to spend millions of your endowment dollars to underwrite its entire office of development and their festivities in pursuit of new “friends of OSU.”

Your philanthropy was not supposed to underwrite OSU’s development office and its social events. It is supposed to provide education and financial assistance to deserving students. Only through transparency and accountability can donors and students be assured that Ohio State is living up to its commitments.

We believe Ohio State makes a solemn vow with each donation it accepts. And the only way to maintain the integrity and overall strength of the university’s donor program and its future financial health and reputations is to keep that promise.

Anything less dishonors the generosity countless Buckeyes have graciously bestowed upon their beloved alma mater.

Our Values

We believe Ohio State makes a solemn vow when accepting funding from people who provide their hard-earned money to Ohio State. That vow: to use the donor’s money for exactly the beneficial purposes that the donor and Ohio State agreed upon.

But after signing the endowment agreements and accepting the money, Ohio State channels millions away from their committed purposes.